Labor For Black Lives Rally June 20th

The murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota in late May has sparked protests and uprisings across the country. Working people are ready to put an end to police brutality. Further, they are crying out for solutions to ever increasing problems of inequality and structural racism - and the former is exacerbated by the later for our sisters and brothers in marginalized communities.

Amid the overwhelming majority of protest which have been completely peaceful (and have still been met with violence and repression by the police) - there has been some amount of property destruction. Among teh damaged properties was the AFL-CIO headquarters in DC, which I am sure many of you saw, and were disheartened by, as I was. Kooper Caraway, the President of the Sioux Falls Dakota AFL-CIO Labor Federation, had this to say:

It hurts to see damage being done to the AFLCIO headquarters. But I believe it brings to light two facts:

  1. The people did not recognize the building as the headquarters of a movement that fights for them
  2. That is our fault.

We believe it is the duty of the labor movement not only to ensure our members get raises every year, but to advocate and organize for positive change in the community on all issues affecting working people, and we believe that area labor councils ought to function in part as the voice of the labor movement in a given area.

With this mission as instruction, Brother Caraway's words as revelation, and our deep love for our black and brown sisters and brothers fueling the fire in our belly, we are organizing a "Labor for Black Lives" rally in Huntsville on Saturday, June 20th at 4pm. The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) National President - Reverend Everett Kelly - will be speaking.

Other speakers will be announced as they are confirmed. Please follow the facebook page - - for updates. When you attend, please follow the most current CDC guidlines regarding facemask and social distancing to the extent possible.

We would appreciate any support you would be willing to give in organizing this event, and we would greatly appreciate your presence at the event and help spreading the word. Our hope is that this event will be the Alabama labor movement's response to the national conversation, and potentially a point in the national labor movement's response.

I look forward to seeing your members at the protest

In Solidarity,

Jacob Morrison
[email protected]