United Way Project Blueprint

Project Blueprint (PBP) is a two-month training and learning opportunity for people interested in learning about nonprofit board structure, board service, nonprofit organization operations and more. In order to keep our citizens engaged in all processes, it is important to make sure everyone has an understanding of nonprofit board service. 

Topics covered in the program include: personal responsibility of serving on a nonprofit board, the unique business of nonprofits, and the services available to assist our neighbors who need the help to prosper. 

Project Blueprint is designed to empower the participants in the knowledge of nonprofit operations, board service, and is reflective of our diverse community. Upon completion of the two-month series of informative classes, PBP graduates are ready for placement on local boards of directors and committees. 

If you or someone you know, could benefit from this incredible opportunity. Please encourage them to apply or apply yourself! For more information or to apply, visit https://uwswa.org/our-work/our-programs/project-blueprint/