Take Action

This year's campaign will help serve families affected by the pandemic and help give resources to striking workers around the country.

The Building a Better America plan puts working families first by solving problems we face every day. 

The Ukrainian people are in grave danger, fighting for their lives as Russians attack innocent civilians. Donate now to support Ukrainian labor organizations providing on-the-ground assistance through the International Trade Union Confederation.

Support UMWA coal miners on strike at Warrior Met Coal by attending and sharing this event. These men & women having been fighting nonstop for fair and equitabe working conditions for more than three months. Warrior Met Coal's actions have drawn attention from around the world! 

Millions of undocumented immigrants, who are vital to our economic recovery, still live in fear because of our outdated and inhumane immigration system. It’s time to put an end to this injustice. Tell your senators to pass a budget that includes a broad pathway to citizenship.

The labor movement is working nonstop to ensure workers devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic receive the protections and support needed during this challenging time. Get involved and make sure the needs of working people are heard.