Executive Board

Bren Riley,   President
Rickey Kornegay,   Secretary/Treasurer

Alabama AFL-CIO Executive Board

Vice President at Large Northern District
    James Crowder, USW
    Mike Fields, UMWA
    Paul McInish, UA Plumbers & Pipefitters
    Anthony Young, AFGE

Vice President at Large Southern District
    Derryn Moten, AFT
    Larry Spencer, UMWA 
    Donnie Stanley, Asbestos 
    Byron Vice, USW

Executive Board Members with more than 500 members.

International         Executive Board
CWA                          TBA
IBEW                         Casey Shelton
GMP                          Larry Harris
AFGE                         Everett Kelley
Iron Workers           Fred “Bart” Maddox
Laborers                  Jerome Peterson
Machinists               Larry Keel
Mine Workers         Daryl Dewberry
OPEIU                       TBA
Plumbers                 John Eaves
Postal Workers       Chandra Lynch
RWDSU                     Jerry Foster
Sheet Metal             Brent Newsome
USW                          Butch Mitchell
UAW                          Debra Jones
Teachers (AFT)        Marianne Hayward

Executive Board Members with less than 500 members.  Two appointed to represent the following Internationals:

Asbestos Workers, Boilermakers, Bricklayers, Fire Fighters, Food & Commercial, Locomotive Engineers, Longshoremen, Maintenance of Way, Millwrights/Carpenters, Musicians, Painters, PASS, Police, Seafarers, Stage Employees, Transit, Unite Here.

Michael “Mad Dog” Frank, BLE
Rick Lambert, Painters